kolberg+stern in collaboration with Michael Schneider present the show

invisible dark matter

The premiere has been on Sa, Feb 28, 2015, Black Box of cuba cultur  in Münster.

Photo: Ralf Emmerich

The invisible dark matter, the American poet Frederick Seidel writes in his correspondent poem, is something „we are not made of that I‘m afraid of“. The mystery of its existence is far from being solved yet. But apparently this matter holds together our world at heart. In this audio-visual project the dark matter stands for the invisible forces that guide our lives: gravity and love, longing and infinity.

A handpicked choice of poems turns into touching songs weaving a net between the microcosmos of daily life and the big picture. The musical spectrum combines spoken word and sung melodies, jazzy ballads and cascades of noise, hard grooves and hovering sounds. The musicians act in front of a moving background and are part of the picture at the same time: An aquarium on the stage is being filled with objects and substances. In the blow-up of the live-projection they seem to be weightless and magically alienated, adding another layer of meaning to the texts.

loosely based on poems and texts by e.e. cummings, Dylan Thomas, Frederick Seidel, Anne Sexton, Anna Stern and Michael Kolberg

with Michael Kolberg (guitars), Anna Stern (voice) and Michael Schneider (live-videoprojection)

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